6 Maybelline Products A Must-Have

Maybelline has produced some of the classic makeup products that we all adore and use in our daily makeup routines. We all have that one product from Maybelline in our vanities which we cherish and buy again and again.

After observing this common and mass love for Maybelline products we have decided to compile a list of six Holy Grail products from Maybelline that you will never regret buying.


1.Baby Lips:- Since the launch of Baby Lips, everyone has been raving about this product. Every millennial had bought baby lips at some point in their life to avoid those chapped lips. The Baby Lips revolutionized lip balms in the Indian cosmetic market and people started using this affordable balm which provides a slight tint and sheen as their daily lip wear.
There are so many varieties to this product that it is very hard to choose from there is every shade for your every mood from neon to pink to Purple.
This product has been a favourite among women not only because of the variety but because of the formula too. The buttery formula glides on the lips smoothly keeping them hydrated and shiny at the same time.


2.Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner:

This eyeliner saves you from those racoon eyes. Thanks to Maybelline for this amazing formula which gives us the perfect cat eye by minimizing the hassle. This gel eyeliner comes with a brush, making the application even easier and even. The staying power of this liner is quite good and makes a perfect fit for work /college.


3. Maybelline colour show lipsticks.

Not only these lipsticks are a favourite among women due to their price point, but the formula which sports a medium-high pigmentation is perfect for any and every day. These lipsticks provide a semi-matte finish to the lips without drying them up.
These are available in more than 30 shades from dark variants to nudes making it perfect for everyday use.

4. Maybelline Fit Me, MAtte + Poreless Foundation.

This Foundation is perfect for covering any of those huge red pimples and is considered a holy grail. It is a medium to high coverage Foundation and is available in various shades and undertones perfect for Indian skin tones and gives that Matte finish for those sultry days.

5.Maybelline colour show blush

This product has been repackaged and renamed by Maybelline New York but its formula and pigmentation remain the same. It is one of those products which are a must have for your daily makeup routine. These blushes are not overly pigmented and provide that rosy glow that you always wanted. The texture of these blushes is smooth and hence are easy to blend.



6 The Colour show nail enamel:-

The Maybelline nail paints are huge hits in the Indian market. Though many new competitors have entered the market, these nail paints remain a favourite among women. The price point at which they are getting the formula amazes the people and brings them back to buy more and more. The nail paints are nor too liquidy neither too thick, they are just the right consistency making them easy to apply. They have a lot of collections in the colour show line,  such as glitter mania, bright sparks etc and are perfect for those who suffer from Chipped nails as these nail paints don’t chip that fast.
There are many more products that we wanted to include in this list may be another time but these 6 products a must have for your vanity. Maybelline being a pocket-friendly brand makes it more appealable to college students and people who just want to experiment with makeup.