Did you see or couldn’t see: #ANDHADHUN

Did I just put you in a state of conundrum? Are you curious to know what I am talking about? Are you feeling the adrenaline rush? Oh god! Yes that’s wat happened to me as well after watching the trailer 12 hours ago. Nonetheless, its Aayshman khurana and Radhika Apte taking our hearts away.

Yes, I am talking about the teaser of andhadhun which came on YouTube. This is something which made the day after watching stupid videos and scrolling down on social media. I am sure the movie will be a blast when the trailer is leaving with an enthralling experience.

As per the trailer, it is observed that the lead roles are played by phenomenal actor’s Radhika and Aayshman. The latter is meant to witness a murder but is portrayed as a blind man. No doubt with his musical skills, we can miss his music. He is a pianist himself in the movie. Tabu a senior artist is again seen in some parts of the movie. The movie seems to be full of thrill and curiosity to keep the watchers awake all the time.

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The film is directed by Sri Ram Raghavan. Again a genius man giving a plot to the viewers which will leave them awestruck. As per the social media sites, andhadhun is all over twitter and Instagram receiving praises from directors like Karan Johor. This is what he had tweeted after the release of the trailer that the Sriram Raghavan-directorial is “going to hit it out of the park.”

Cannot wait for the movie that will grind us after a long run. Guys get ready for some exotic time during October. The movie is scheduled to release on October 5.