DIY ice creams to try out this summer

Who doesn’t love the chill ice creams give us as they enter the oesophagus! Too scientific? Okay, who doesn’t love the chill ice creams give us as they reach our stomachs! Cool?

Well, not everyone loves to eat ice creams, especially on a regular basis, due to the preservatives and artificial flavours in them. But what if you could eat one without such ingredients, or even better, make one at your home, on your own!.

Here are some DIY recipes you could try, and trust us, you’ll love them!

1.The classic flavours 

Chop some strawberries, or a mango, or any other fruit you like. Add some syrup to it depending on the fruit you’re using. For example- strawberry syrup for strawberry ice cream, mango syrup for mango ice cream, vanilla or maple syrup can also be added. Put the ingredients in a blender, and add 1 cup cream, ½ cup condensed milk, or more depending on your taste, and freeze for 6-7 hours, and there you go!

2. Chocolate ice cream for the sweet tooth 

Add 1 cup cream, ½ cup condensed milk, ½ cup milk, and 3 tablespoons cocoa powder, blend the ingredients and freeze. Add some sprinkles on top, or chocolate syrup, or some melted chocolate on top.

3. Banana yoghurt ice cream for the fitness freaks

Throw 2 chopped bananas, 1 cup yoghurt, ½ cup milk, ½ teaspoon vanilla extract and blend till smooth. Then freeze it for 6-7 hours. Make sure that the mixture formed is creamy enough.

Banana Yoghurt

4. Popsicles, for the child in you

Chop some fruits, berries and lemons. Now, make any squash you love in water, like rose, lemon, or fruity flavours like strawberry,

mango, orange, kiwi, or any other. Add the fruits in them and freeze in Popsicle moulds and you’re good to go.

5. Oreo ice cream, for the Oreo lovers

Blend the Oreos first, take one packet Oreo, and blend it in a blender. If you want to have a little crunch, don’t blend it all in powder form. Add 1 cup cream, ½ cup condensed milk and swirl further. Put it in moulds, and freeze.