Are you checking phone immediately after waking up? Do you hit the snooze button? Do you procrastinate? Have you felt the laziness and feel like staying in bed for some more time? Is it too difficult to get up from the bed? What makes you think that you are doing something wrong after waking up? Let us see what things we should avoid immediately after waking up are:

Do's and Don't after waking up in the morning
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Waking up and exercise:

It is the most precious time when we wake from our deep sleep. One should not give himself sudden jerks by instantly hitting the gym or ending up doing rigorous exercises.

Do’s: instead give yourself time and realise the intake pattern of your breaths. Deep breathing and slower processing will help you stay calmer.

Avoiding caffeine:

Caffeine intake is very harmful for the body. It is said by the yoga fitness expert Mini Shastri that “caffeine slows the body metabolism. And that one should even avoid tea”.

Do’s: have glasses of water and keep yourself hydrated. Go for a lemon and honey drink or have green tea instead. This shall increase your metabolism for the day.


Avoiding caffiene
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Say no to electronics:

We tend to check WhatsApp or send emails immediately after waking up. Even the alarms are on phones which have taken away the concept of alarm clocks. Our side tables are decked up with laptops or phones. Keeping yourself from the electronic rays will actually help in staying productive.

Do’s: rather than checking emails and looking for WhatsApp messages, write. Keeping a track of your thought is very important and will help you channelize your thinking process. Keep a journal besides to track what you would like to do in this particular day.

ay no to electronics
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Not planning your day will leave you grumpy and scattered throughout. Keep note of what is scheduled for the coming time. This will help you to stay oriented and organised at the same time. Planning will also make a room for setting up priorities and acting accordingly.


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