“Project Shakti”: The brainchild of Miss World Manushi Chillar ‘Beauty with Brains’

In this world dominated by glitter and glamour, the significance of health and fitness is of prime importance. This has been thoroughly exemplified by Manushi Chillar, newly crowned 20 years old Miss World 2017.She has not only proved her mettle with beauty and charm but also demonstrated that she possess the brains filled with concern for the society particularly the girl child and women who constitute the most vulnerable section of the society.

Determined to address the concerns of women’s health who are forced to accept issues of health as a taboo in the Indian society, Miss Chillar through her bold initiative “Project Shakti” sought to implement the daunting task of imparting awareness among the women and men in rural areas of the country about menstrual hygiene and its importance.The above project brought her  accolades as top five winners for the category of Beauty with a Purpose’ Apart from generating awareness about the importance for women to use a sanitary napkin, she went a step further to ensure availability of low-cost sanitary napkins to them. Not only has she started this project but she has also become the Brand ambassador for “Anemia free Haryana.”

According to Miss Chillar “Menstruation is a natural process and sanitary pads are a necessity, not a luxury.”  In India 88% of the women, do not use sanitary pads. It is because women are not able to afford even the most basic necessity for their hygiene. To make things worse, a whooping Goods and Services Tax of 12% makes it even more costly and out of bounds for the middle and lower class of the society. This sad reality of India inspired Miss Chillar to choose this platform of Miss World to accomplish her mission to spread awareness about the menstrual hygiene.

With the help of Haryana government, she has distributed free sanitary napkins to the school-going girls of Haryana. With Project Shakti her mission is not only to educate them about the benefits of menstrual hygiene but also strive to provide low cost sanitary napkins and thus generate employment amongst the rural women who can join the local sanitary pads manufacturing unit in their area. This will go a long way in the emancipation of women particularly in the semi urban and rural part of the country, which are still steeped in backwardness.

Her social initiatives at this young age have driven Miss World Manushi Chillar as a role model of every girl child and an inspiration for all Indians who want to contribute towards the uplifting of our society.

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