The चौ BARA Journey

This food start-up originated as a back of the envelope plan… Three friends out on a casual evening discussing life… One thing led to another and within a month we had our first cafe launch… The chemistry between Nitin, Varun and Tarun was such that 3rd outlet was underway within 40days of the first launch… Now awaiting our magic number target of 31 cafe’s by year 2021…the extraordinary entrepreneurial skills coupled with an unmatched passion for food is the enormous driving force behind this celestial journey of success… The new age mantra of having a franchise join on the You earn We earn concept has been a first in the food industry. No one has ever offered a franchise zero fees till profit starts ringing the cash registers.

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चौBARA has time and again come up with innovative marketing techniques like the recently held Gol-gappa championship for brand promotions plus engagement with its clients. One such event was organized on 15th, January at ̈चौBARA in ABL Workspaces, Okhlawhere a huge turnout was witnessed. The complete corporate workforce gave their work and stress a miss for some time to have a gala time. The competition rules stated that the fastest to finish seven fully filled gol-gappa’s would be handed over the champion’s trophy. Pawan Thakur from Topper won the championship with an amazing display clocking in a mere 17.71 seconds. He dedicated this award to his wife for the gol-gappa outings the couple were used to having in their family time.

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