Ever wondered about the pattern these beauty products are used in? From primers ranging from all brands to those shimmery highlighters, everything is crucial for today’s lady! And among these products, how could we dare to forget our last minute buddy, our date saviour (wink). Yes, we’re talking about lipsticks. In case you didn’t know, there’s an entire day dedicated to the beauty product used widely and wildly, LIPSTICK! July 29 is recognised as the National Lipstick Day. The day is celebrated by people creating weird and astounding designs with their lipsticks, doing experiments, going the bold way. Here are some quirky ways along with their tutorials to wear them boldly and beautifully.

1.Metallic lips

Metallic lips is the raging trend this season.in fact, special lipstick ranges with metallic shades have been launched. If you don’t have one, we’ve got you covered. Here are the steps:-

  • Apply a glossy, shimmery or if you want to experiment further, a matte lipstick.
  • Put on some shimmery eyeshadow on the lipstick and spread it evenly across your lips. Use your finger tips to do that.
  • If you want a more metallic shade, add on some highlighter too.

2.Dazzling lips

These lips are perfect for evening parties.

“When life gives you a Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day” –Ella Woodward

Here are the steps:-

  • Put on a light pink, or nude coloured lipstick, or even, any lip balm or gloss will do the work
  • Put on some powder glitter of your favourite colour, pick up bold colours like navy blue, teal, black  or maybe sober, like pink or red, or some basic glitter colours like golden, silver and bronze.
  • You can apply more than 1 colour too. It is all up to you. Experiment as much as you want, and rock it.

3.Glossy lips

Okay, this look is the easiest to get and looks fabulous. It looks even greater when the glossy look turns into a glassy one.

  • Apply a bold or bright lipstick
  • Put on some generous amount of gloss.

4.Black all the way

Okay, these lips are the most daring and bold ones. The look can be best achieved if you have a black lipstick. But if you don’t have one, here’s the trick.

  • Outline your lips with a kohl pencil
  • You have two options now- colour the lips entirely with the kohl, or use some black eyeshadow
  • But first, apply some lip balm and then fill in.
  • You can put on some highlighter at the centre of the lips to give it a twist. Or, put on some gloss to get a glossy look from matte.

5.Two different colours

Probably the easiest one, but make sure not to blend both the lips. Here, I have used two contrasting colours, pink and bright orange.

  • Fill the upper lip with pink
  • And colour the lower lip with orange
  • You can use any other contrasting colours too, but make sure they look good on you and have the same texture.

A few things to keep in mind though,

  1. Exfoliate your lips with a sugar scrub first. Then apply some lip balm to moisturise them.
  2. Don’t be too harsh with your lips.
  3. It might take some guts to rock these bold looks, but remember, that life is too short for boring stuff. And if you like it, then don’t even bother to think about what other people are going to think.


By- Garima Batra