Measuring happiness

Ever given a thought that what is gross national happiness? Which is the top country at this? Why is it so? What makes that country to be at top? Why is it important? Do we have to consider happiness as an aspect? What counts in to make it as gross national and why? Have we ever given thoughts to these things? No, so let us give some thought and see what and why is happiness important?

What is gross national happiness?

Gross national happiness is a term which came up long back in the 1970’s by the fourth king of Bhutan. The concept behind coining this term looks at happiness as being an important measure to consider. Production of goods and other services are a means by which a country grows. Looking at the core values and prosperity of the country, it becomes initial to look at happiness counting in.

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Which country at top in terms of GNP?

Bhutan is the poorest country but if we see it is at the top in terms of gross national happiness and thus states the fact clearly that “money isn’t everything”. “The concept of GNH has often been explained by its four pillars: good governance, sustainable socio-economic development, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation.” (SDG, UN)


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Why measuring happiness?

It is likely to question that how is happiness a way of measuring? But if we see happiness does count to be important. No doubt, it is a subjective experience to one and cannot be quantified. Yet, a country’s happiness says a lot about its growth and progress. No matter what, if the citizens are not happy and there are a lot discrepancies within it is more likely that people are staying unhappy. “Some of the things that contribute to it can be measured, and are generally agreed to result in a greater sense of well-being. This could include things like low infant mortality rates, low levels of consumer debt, environmental factors such as pollution or noise, health (mental and physical), job satisfaction, crime rates and so on. These factors are measured using statistical analysis of quantifiable metrics, along with surveys that people are asked to fill in. This produces a total average per capita, which can be used in place of Gross Domestic Product as a measure of prosperity.”


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Hence it is very important to measure happiness which thus includes better measure of income, health education, poverty covering all aspects that on to a well oriented country.

Let us try and make our country a happy place.


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