Vidya Tikari In Association With D Dance Theater

Following Vidya Tikari’s Leeds visit along with CD Foundation in partnership with D Dance Theatre, C.I.C. ,Leeds ,UK; specifically OULTON Village in the beautiful country of Yorkshire to support the elderly women in the Community Interest Company. She was fascinated by the way of living and how they did their well being programs addressing problems like isolation and health by incorporating different aspects in their life. For example, adapting different cultures, dance groups, health programs, attending health and well being classes be it cooking or beauty. So, they always keep themselves busy and visit different places. Bringing that back from Leeds and Ayesha Shamim who was the project coordinator of D Dance Theatre decided to attach charity along with it i.e. Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission, NOIDA and do a similar event in India as although there are lots of programs for the elderly but there is no clear demarcation between the elderly as to when do they get old and what are their needs .It all came back to the same basic way of living – What you eat after your 50s, how to spend your time, what do you do to keep yourself busy considering the fact that Indian woman loses touch with the family which she has groomed with. Her children grow up and move away for education while her husband is still at work (not retired) and the women suddenly have lots of time. So in India, the above 50s actually start at 45. A similar endeavor was kick started by Vidya Tikari, an celebrity makeup artist based in India and Ayesha Shamim organized an event for the fifty plus ladies in EROS HOTEL ,NEHRU PLACE,NEW DELHI partnered by our SPONSORS – JUST HERBS , PERENNE COSMETICS, SARIGIRI , STUDIOXI , Y JEWELLERY , NAKED FACE BY KANIKA , SKIN PROJECT by VANDANA ARORA, yoga expert DEVYANI SHANKAR . We had 40 attendees who loved participating in the whole day of health and wellness program.

ABOUT THE EVENT: It started with a healthy drink for all the ladies who came in and an introduction to a healthy life through a showcase of the elderly women of Leeds in their 70s to 80s still being independent, spirited and focusing on living their lives. Ayesha , through a presentation and her own health experience pressed on the topics such as the art of loving yourself and implementing small changes in life. Simi, a live testimonial, did a presentation showing her journey of the latest 6 months of adopting a healthy lifestyle post her trip to Leeds. She had lost 7 kgs in 2 months and had learnt so many different cultures and was our team member. Then came in YOGA session conducted by DEVYANI SHANKAR who was brilliant at it as it was all about slow relaxing movements and deep breathing exercises – best way to kick out stress. It was followed by a healthy lunch prepared and served by the excellent staff of EROS Hotel . Then it was time for a beauty and grooming session with VIDYA TIKARI wherein they were imparted knowledge about a whole range of different brands having paraben & silicon free products which are good for skin . THE SKIN PROJECT’s Collagen booster shots perfect solution to keep your skin and hair full of life. Personalised grooming sessions for all as how to carry minimal makeup at a mature age. To complete the look , there were designer clothing brands presenting their beautiful ,simple yet chic collection . Y jewellery had their lovely silver charms for adding a statement.

VIDYA TIKARI was overwhelmed by the positive response that I got from the older women.Especially touching upon the very important topics that their lives are going through. I brought to their knowledge that sorts of natural products are available in India. All the ladies left with a goodie bag and a big smile on their faces. Along with Ayesha Shamim, Project Coordinator of D Dance Theatre ,CIC who’s visiting Delhi from Leeds , an event was organized to introduce different attitude of health ,well being and beauty. The day started with interactive session

  •  Overview of life style.
  •  Yoga session to calm body and soul.
  •  Followed by a healthy fulfilling lunch.
  •  How to maintain nutrients in our body.
  •  All about Beauty by VIDYA TIKARI.

The event was a very successful endeavor which was attended by 40 ladies who have showed us so much of love in the feedback forms.