Are you travelling most of the time? Do you feel tired because of a hectic schedule? Is it that most of your precious time is taken by the traffic on the streets? Don’t you feel like consuming that time in doing something constructive? Time is something which is not in one’s hand. Everyone would like to take out most of the time for themselves but because of many constraints we are unable to. Why not we utilise it judicially and make our use of abilities constructively? Busy work schedule and meetings all day long. Phone calls and no time at all. Sometimes in metro or sometimes boarding a flight. Let us see how can we make most of our 45 minutes that we get?
Make friends with books!
Engage yourself in productive activities which you feel that you aren’t able to give time to. Pick up a book and read. Understand the importance of it and relax yourself while exploring another world to through the lens of authors and poets. It not only helps in enhancing vocabulary but also increases our creative imaginative skills. Carry your kindle each time.

Listen to ted talks or podcasts:
“You can engage in professional development by listening to podcasts. Many airport rituals are short and staccato — five minutes in line to check a bag, 10 minutes to get through security, five minutes walking to the gate, and 10 minutes standing in line to board. You certainly can’t whip out a laptop and start typing while you’re standing up and juggling your boarding pass and picture ID. Instead, podcasts are a perfect, hands- free way to mitigate your annoyance and learn something new.”

Download series to watch later:

Missing out on television series? Friends, game of thrones, Netflix? Are you thinking that you are missing on something? Don’t. Try downloading them and watch them while you are on “transient” period. Make short (important) phone calls: “David Allen recommends keeping a “to call” list so that you can cluster the phone calls you need to make and bang them out in a row. Keith Ferrazzi, who writes frequently about networking, is also an advocate of short phone calls as a way of keeping you relationship alive with casual contacts. For instance, Facebook tracks your connections’ birthdays; the thoughtful gesture of making a few quick birthday calls while you’re waiting to board could make someone’s day and cement your bond.” So make sure you utilise best of your time and set your goals ahead. Happy Traveling.
REFERENCE: C. Dorie. (2015). How to use your travel time productively. Harvard business review.

Image Source: Google