Are you tapping your personal brand power to grow your business? Our personal brand has tremendous power that can take our business to next level and can make it stand out in this competitive world. But do we know how to build a personal brand in-line our business brand and how we can leverage it to sparkle our business. Nidhi D Tyagi a renowned personal branding coach and social media strategist is telling us in this interview.

Interviewer: First of all we are curious to know the meaning of “sparkle your business with personal brand power”
Nidhi Tyagi: Smiles…I have seen there are many entrepreneurs still using traditional kind of promotion for their business. Let’s accept the fact that time is changing, so should everything and the way we do promotion and marketing for our business. This means making our business stand out with our personal brand power.

Interviewer: How do you help entrepreneurs grow their business with personal brand power?
Nidhi Tyagi: Well… I conduct my workshops at national level and I have done my programs in many cities in India such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc. I am also conducting an online course for the people who cannot attend my workshop in metro cities.
Interviewer: You also own a company, what all services you provide for entrepreneurs under that venture?
Nidhi Tyagi: My company iBrand ConsultingTM is a branding and social media agency where we help entrepreneurs to grow their business online and build their PR. We help people build their Personal brand or company brand using the power of social media.
Interviewer: How do you help people build their brand?
Nidhi Tyagi: I help them identify their brand elements and effectively communicate them to their prospects. I also help my clients strategizing an effective and customized social media funnel and content marketing model where they can actively engage and convert their digital tribe into a profitable business. I train them on how to craft a winning brand communication strategy and share a clear and concise message with their audience for better brand engagement and growing their brand audience. My services aim to introduce clarity and self-progression towards growing and leveraging their personal brand.

Interviewer: You have also written a book based on your experience in this field, tell us about your book.
Nidhi Tyagi: Yes, the book “Evolve as a Brand” will help you build your personal brand and grow your brand influence for a successful business and career. The book is designed in a way that as a beginner anyone can begin from the basic level and using the tools and tactics of personal branding they will learn how to evolve as a brand and create their unique identity in this competitive world. The strategies mentioned in the book are designed on the basis of my personal experience and journey of building my own personal brand that assures you the defined results when implemented in a way as explained in the book.

Interviewer: Wow…that’s interesting. So what do you want to say to the entrepreneurs who wish to build their personal brand and align it to their business?
Nidhi Tyagi: First of all I want them to understand about personal branding people have many different views on this and you may be misguided or confused by so much of information available over internet. I would also suggest everyone to use the power of social media to build
and grow their personal brand. Be it any nature of the business we should not neglect the power of social media in driving m o r e results for our business. But we should be empowered enough to use social media platform.

Interviewer: Do you have any upcoming workshop?
Nidhi Tyagi: Yes, my upcoming workshop is scheduled in Delhi on 03rd Feb 2019 which we conduct every month. For more details you can visit my website or www. to get the program information

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