Vikas Jain is among the Top Keynote & Motivational Speakers in India and abroad for Corporate Events. Today, with his hard-work and dedication towards bringing a change in the society has gained him a client list ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. He has delivered High Impact Programs for top organizations across industries including Yamaha, Oracle, Intel, Uber, PTC India, PayTM – Build for India, Microsoft Sales Meet and many more. He offers customized talks/programs on topics including Embracing Change, Disruption, Leadership, Learnability, Transformation, Digital Mindset, Sales Motivation, Entrepreneurship and more. As Vikas says, ‘’Learning continues till our last breath. Organized learning with a specific purpose is real education and is not limited to securing school and college degrees as commonly perceived.
Real education with lifelong learning is the secret to success in life and my mission is to overcome any hurdle between you and your learning.’’ Vikas is on a mission of fulfilling his dream to build an ecosystem where individuals can utilize the power of self- learning & advance growth strategies to achieve desired growth in their personal and professional life and transform the World. As a part of this mission, he founded Adhyan Group having Adhyan World Center (Co-Working & Co-Learning Space in Delhi), Adhyan World ( developing & delivering Advance Learning & Growth Models), Read Inside 03 Sparkle your business with personal brand power: Nidhi D Tyagi The (sharing inspirational content and listing eminent global speakers) & more. He believes that Adhyan’s “Learner Centric Ecosystem” can bridge the gap between current Education System and Ideal Education system. This will not just fulfill the Corporate & Entrepreneurial learning requirements but can also bring change in Society at various levels.

He has authored various books. His research papers and articles have been published in journals and newspapers of national and international repute. His journey from studying in a small government school to being one of the most influential motivational speakers of today says it all about his passion, struggle and brilliance. He did his Bachelor of Science from Hansraj college and Masters in Computer Application from the University of Delhi. After that, he worked for 8+ years as a software professional with corporate giants like IBM, McAfee and even got an offer from Microsoft. But  ater he decided to quit his corporate job and follow his dream. His strategic & inspirational talks, positive attitude, knowledge and charismatic persona is what makes him stand out of the crowd. This has lead to desired transformation in people on personal and professional fronts. He has thousands of followers on his Social Media including Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & more.

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