MAP studio’s unfurled “THE RED CARPET” event on April 26.2019 evening with a glittering ceremony attended by celebrities from Bollywood and Sport’s world. BRUNA ABDULLAH, a Brazilian cum Indian actress and RJ Naved were among the many distinguished dignities like Mr. ROSHAN , MR. SYED SHAMEEM  Marketing Director( World of Wonder) , MS GARIMA, MARKETING HEAD KAYA CLINIC , MS URVASHI PROFESSIONAL BOXER, MR KARAN MAKHIJANI FOUNDER GLAM MINT MEDIA, MR RAJA SETHI FOUNDER BORN TO RUN and many more. The event hosted at carnival cinemas, TGIP began with musical performances moving to the point of having a word with the press noted as conference followed by fashion ramp walk with unique combination of models and sports personalities stepping the ramp moved ahead by the kudo ceremony by the show stopper and thoughts by guests was added on to it. The event took ahead by screening of Avengers movie in Cineplex exclusively booked for the event.
Masood Ahmad, Founder of MAP studio’s and the brain behind the event spoke on how this initiative promises to fuse the sports people with glamour world thus giving them the recognition that’s missing at present. This beginning is going to motivate more and more people into fitness . On such an auspicious occasion BRUNA ABDULLAH ( Bollywood A) the show stopper spoke to media APPRECIATING  the effect of Such an unique idea of such a wonderful collaboration . Adding to it MR KAMAL BISHT (ORGANIZER NEW DELHI TRIATHLON ) highlighted that fashion and sports industry is one of the rapidest growing industries in current years according to figures so linking up both the industries can speak up the growth rate even to the 10x . Moving a step ahead a well-known voice of Mr RJ Naved spoke about how sports industry put their 200% to make the best out of their industry but didn’t get framed at all but by this concept hard work of people in the industry can be recognized in a better way agreeing to this Ms GURPREET WASI (ORGANIZER SUPER SIKH RUN) added that such  specializing platform  contributions  in sport industry may lead  to new gates of the promotional scales making a note of that Mr. Shabaz Khan and Amaan Quasim highlighted that sports industry also have lot of glamour but didn’t get platform to showcase it in the box of fashion there would be ample number of platforms to screen there glams as well as fashion will get a new face out of this step forward.