1.   After graduating from Delhi University you joined Film Academy and topped it, did six years of theatre, thereafter joined Corporate World!! How this spark of Training came into your Mind? Sunil Anand: It’s been a long journey from Mumbai to Delhi, but my basic instincts of GIVING rather than TAKING got me into the world of Training. I always knew that I had it in me, though my style of imparting knowledge was different because I catch the nerve by its verve, and that’s what everyone needs – Strike when it’s Hot and you get the best Shot.  Every person is desirous of Learning through an uncomplicated way. My way is- Come to their Level, Hold Them, Inspire  them & then Place  them on the Top is what MY TRAINING is all about.

2. Did you face any obstacle during founding of Training Tacts?

Sunil: A lot of thought process went into it, and my Network needed myself to be at their disposal all the time. Be it Training or Counseling, everything had to be crisp and ready by the snap of finger. So the best way was to create a platform and summarize myself to the tune of others, hence came up “TRAINING TACTS” a significant milestone.

3.  You recently ranked as TOP 100 Trainers of India by World HRD Congress, with participation of over 129 Countries, Please share your feelings!! How did you manage to be the best, when there is actually a lot of competition in the market?

Sunil: The actual competition one has is with his own self, everyone is different in his genre, so it was quite an actualization within my own framework. I worked hard to prove my worth as a “Different Trainer” All my counterparts had it in them but as I said I had an edge over them because of my Style and Vibrancy, and my followers gave me all their support. Still Smart Work and edgy work solutions made all the difference helping me to stand out as Top 100 Trainers of India. Having got to this pedestal, I  felt elated but also at the  same time I felt responsible for a lot  was  yet to be  delivered in  a  short  span of time,  to which I   am  progressive about it.

4. May we know, whom do you inspire? And what Age Group do you mostly train with Worldwide?

Sunil: Prudence states that every person who loves thyself is the inspired soul. The only point is if there is someone to guide you, inspire you, motivate you and above all show you the Right Direction at the Right Moment is the Moment of Truth for him, providing the desirous soul is worthy of taking directions and abide by it. Age is just a Number in your Mind, My Clientele is as Low as 10 years to as high as 72 years – Worldwide.

5.  You mentioned about Oratory Skills of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, what made you comment on the same??

Sunil: See I personally feel that Oratory Skills are something which is mostly God Gifted but they  can be practiced to perfection. Being   a good Orator depends on your Confidence, Voice Modulation, and Capturing the nerve  of your audience. Political History resounds of Leaders like Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Nelson  Mandela, Barack Obama,   Mahatma Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Indira Gandhi to the latest Narender Modi Jee who  have been a landmark, epitome of subtle, powerful, vibrant and meaningful pitch tones while having the finest exponents of Oratory Skills. Oratory is Modi’s great talent, a gift that very few politicians are blessed with.  With the addition of crowds- pleasing optics, artfully chosen backdrops  and his inherent histrionics, his every speech becomes a spectacle, a conversation piece  and an invitation  to  search for hidden meanings. In contemporary politics he has no equal in the art of oratory, which is surprising considering that Indians love talking.

6.   How are your Training Programs different from others

Sunil: They are different like Maggie where every teaspoon is different. First and the foremost I gel well with my audience be it a Training Session, Seminar, Talk Show, Counseling Session or Lecture. Then I clearly state that it would be an Interactive Session and not a Monologue and most importantly  I value their presence giving respect to their Age Group, Forum, Session Talk & quote relevant examples, ACT to React  (because of my Films/Theatre background), Role Plays and Interactive Games to make them engrossed. Off Late, I have also added a new chapter of Numerology to gel with one another and to know others well & Hypnosis as a Group Therapy to de-stress my audience as and when need arises. Though there are different sessions of interactions also with different sets of trainees. Hence, Be there to FEEL the Paradigm Shift of disturbed Consciousness to its subtle Deliverance.

7. You are such a Handsome. Can you share your daily schedule?

Sunil: It’s just a Mindset what you feel inside is what exudes outside. LOVE THYSELF is the mool mantra, a soul who loves thyself seldom has enemies. If you are a Happy Soul then it would show on your face and moreover if YOU can bring SMILES to others it would definitely reflect back on your own personality. I believe in the quote “ BE HAPPY – SPREAD HAPPINESS”. So if you have something in you which could be beneficiary for others, do not hesitate to initiate it, coz this would bring back blessings for your own goodself, But seriously there is No Fit Regime for me otherwise it becomes a Routine and I find it monotonous as per my personality.

8. What message do you want to give to today’s youth?

Sunil: Always Believe in Yourself, Be Observant of Others and Do away with your Follies at the right time. Never feel the Stress even in Distress, there is always a way OUT…If you want to tread the right path but are confused to choose…close your eyes think what is close to your heart and what you want, then just follow it till you reach your destination. I know its easier said then done – but only till the time you don’t try it…So always remember ‘Before you say I Can’t, say I’ll Try, then give it Your Best

9. Please share your contact details and where can we get more info about you?

All Bookings can be done thru my Website or personal number

Email ID : sandyaquarious@gmail.com

Website: www.trainingtacts.com,

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tactstraining

YouTube : trainingtacts


Contact Number : +91 99100 88652