Jai Mummy Ji

“Jai Mummy Di” Star Cast at GKFTII Convocation Ceremony on 15th Jan’2020

The definition of the “Convocation Ceremony” is the celebration of a special occasion by a formally assembled group of people, but it’s a lot more than the definition. For the students, it is a moment of pride and at the same time, it brings the emotional state and makes them cry. For the trainers, the convocation brings a special moment, where their hard-works bring true results and their beloved students get certified for successfully completing respective courses. And for an Institution the convocation ceremony is a most emotional occasion where they have to face the separation of their own students who are like the family of the institute.

Gulshan Kumar Film and Television Institute of India (GKFTII) has organized its Convocation Ceremony for its 2019 batches on 15th Jan 2020. The ambiance was brimmed with the full of positivity, the eyes of the pass out students were perfumed with the scent of new hope, new opportunities, and also tearing due to the separation minute with their friends, teachers, and institute. The other students were celebrating the success of their seniors and cheering at the time of conferring of Diplomas and Certificates. Absolutely the aura was incredible, and what added to the colors was an amazing and insightful exclusive interactive session with the star cast of the upcoming movie “Jai Mummy Di” – Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall. It was an overwhelming experience for our students while interacting with these Bollywood stars. This fantastic chit-chat did not only give the students an opportunity to learn about the industry but also creates a fun-filled activity where the students got a chance to dance with these amazing stars.

The event was anchored by Ms. Ashima Khanna (Acting trainer GKFTII) and moderated by Prof. Mansoor Naqvi (Associate Dean of GKFTII), his presence created a posited aura in the ambiance. The ceremony was also graced with the presence of Mr. Hitesh Ralhan (Director of T-Series Educational Wing), Dr. Deepti Trivedi (Vice President of T-Series Educational Wing) who conferred the diplomas and certificates to the students.

GKFTII feels proud of each student who went through an extensive training program under the guidance of the industry’s most experienced professionals. We wish all our students a very bright future.