Predictions for February 2020 by Dr Jyoti Jhangiani, Celeb Astrologer

Capricorn :
Health – After a period of stress there would be stability. Try to control your emotions as you intend to be emotionally weak.
Relationship – Romance would be passionate. This would be best period for your love life and deepest desires.
Career – Hard time in your career, have patience and don’t stress yourself. Take a break but do not give up.
Finance – Be careful as cheat or betrayal is indicated in finances.
Tarot message – You may need to seek advice from a lawyer or solicitor with regards to a specific problem.
Lucky colors – Brown, Green
Lucky Nos – 1, 5

Aquarius :
Health – Be strong as an unexpected bad news with regards to an accident, surgery or hospitalization is indicated.
Relationship – Caring, sharing, romantic gifts are expected. Basically giving and receiving of love in a supportive relationship is indicated.
Career – Time for celebration as promotion, increment in a job or business partnership is indicated.
Finance – With your positive attitude you will have power and potential to direct any financial situation.
Tarot message – Face the challenging situations in a positive way and the reward would come for persistence and efforts.
Lucky colors – Pink, Offwhite
Lucky Nos – 6, 7

Pisces :
Health – An accident or surgery in the family is indicated.
Relationship – Romance would be passionate and you also tend to spend quality time with your loved ones. Marriage is on the cards.
Career – Don’t share your ideas and don’t trust anyone blindly as someone close to you may try to backstab you.
Finance – More expenses are indicated than your income. Be careful and save it for tomorrow.
Tarot message – Handle tactfully new opportunities that are on your way.
Lucky colors – Red, Golden
Lucky Nos – 1

Aries :
Health – An unexpected bad news with regards to an accident, surgery or hospitalization is indicated.
Relationship – With your positive attitude you may overcome all obstacles in your love life and move in a right direction.
Career – Changes for betterment are indicated – change of job or business. Work hard to achieve your goals.
Finance – Be careful as cheat, theft or robbery is indicated and you might get trapped into messy situation. Play safe with your money.
Tarot message – There is felicitation all around and you are the toast of the moment.
Lucky colors – Cream, Mauve
Lucky Nos – 3, 7

Taurus :
Health – Do not ignore minor health issues which may turn into major problems. Some elderly person in your home needs proper attention.
Relationship – Your love life could be tensed for a while but not to worry as new changes are indicated for betterment. Just be positive.
Career – Your job might be threatened or something that you own could be taken away or lost.
Finance – Not right time for new investments as an argument or fight is indicated with your colleague for money.
Tarot message – Good news in the family is indicated.
Lucky colors – Purple, Violet
Lucky Nos – 3

Gemini :
Health – Try not to get surrounded by negative energies and to overcome just utilize your positive energies.
Relationship – Temporary separation is indicated with your partner. It’s time to rethink of your own needs.
Career – Little tough period is expected so you need to struggle hard for achieving your targets. But don’t give up as this would be a temporary phase.
Finance – Don’t be overconfident in taking financial decisions. Play safe.
Tarot message – Joyful travel is on the cards.
Lucky colors – Yellow, Green, Orange
Lucky Nos – 1, 5, 9

Cancer :
Health – Mental disturbance and emotional insecurity will make you feel weak. Utilize your positive energies to stabilize your health.
Relationship – Ups and downs are indicated, will need patience to handle tricky situations. Also visit to a marriage counselor is indicated.
Career – Change of job or work place is indicated. Good news is expected for those who have applied for work in abroad.
Finance – Income from two sources is indicated.
Tarot message – Help and support in difficult times from a well-wisher is indicated.
Lucky colors – Red, Green
Lucky Nos – 4, 5

Leo :
Health – Proper rest, balanced diet, exercise and good sleep is a must to stabilize your health.
Relationship – May find hard time to choose your right partner as you might get stuck in your fantasies. Take your time but don’t take hasty decisions.
Career – Your creative skills and hard work would be appreciated and recognized. Just don’t get over occupied..
Finance – You need to struggle hard. Utilize your positive skills and results shall be in your favour.
Tarot message – Be careful as an unexpected false acquisition is indicated.
Lucky colors – Grey, Blue
Lucky Nos – 7, 8

Virgo :
Health – Would improve. Change of weather is a must. An outing would be of great help. Exercise regularly.
Relationship – Struggle is indicated and you need to face some challenges with courage and enthusiasm. Maintain your positive attitude and belief in self.
Career – An unexpecting bad news or false blame is indicated. Not the right time for switch over of work.
Finance – You still need to sort out your financial matters.
Tarot msg – Avoid arguments at work place.
Lucky colors – Grey, Green
Lucky Nos – 7

Libra :
Health – Pay attention to your health as an accident, surgery or hospitalization is indicated.
Relationship – Exchange of love and pleasure is indicated. Past lover could re-enter your life. Also your misunderstandings would be cleared soon.
Career – Right time to accept new challenges with the aim of achieving your goals. Once you make a commitment then just go for it.
Finance – Focus will be on resolving certain financial and legal issues. Need to seek professional advice and guidance before taking any major step.
Tarot message – Just be positive and face the situation boldly.
Lucky colors – Silver, Green
Lucky Nos – 2, 5

Scorpio :
Health – Try not to ignore or hide your minor health issues which could later result into major issues.
Relationship – Not right time for commitment. Give space to your partner. Think twice and act wise.
Career – Struggle is indicated. Avoid quarrels or arguments with your seniors or colleagues. Have patience.
Finance – Plan your finances carefully and focus on your savings as good amount of money would be spent on travel.
Tarot message – New relations will be developed.
Lucky colors – White, Green
Lucky Nos – 7

Sagittarius :
Health – A visit to a dentist is indicated. Also you might get affected with chest or lung infection.
Relationship – Try not to run away from the situations rather face them boldly to avoid scandals that may arise in future.
Career – Promotion or Increment is indicated. Good period for artists.
Finance – Unexpected bad news is indicated with regards to bad debts, loses or theft. Be careful with money.
Tarot message – A bright renewal period is indicated in your life.
Lucky colors – Grey, Brown, Black
Lucky Nos – 4, 7, 8