In India marriage has always been considered a sacrament. The husband and wife are considered as one in the eyes of law. The legal consequences of marriage that follow add to the sanctity of this relationship. Marriage legally entitles both the persons to cohabit; the children born out of a legal wedlock are the legitimate children of the couple; the wife is entitled to maintenance during the subsistence of marriage and even after the dissolution of marriage and many more. But have you ever thought that how will staying with your partner with no rules help like?

The very idea of not being bonded by rules and law and still be able to stay with your partner beings in the concept of live-in relationship. A living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together under the same roof in a long term relationship that resembles a marriage is known as a live- in-relationship. Thus, it is the type of arrangement in which a man and woman live together without getting married. This form of relationship has become an alternate to marriage in metropolitan cities in which individual freedom is the top priority amongst the youth and nobody wants to get entangled into the typical responsibilities of a married life.

India a country of cultural values and ritual ceremonies cannot afford to plunge into western society. But since growing economy and people getting more and more aware, India finally has to step ahead and walk with the rest of the world by legalizing Live-in relationship. A country like India would allow its citizens to do that, but its fact. Further pre-marital sex and live-in partners, the Supreme Court today opined that a man and woman living together without marriage cannot be construed as an offence.

Written By: Sayjal Jain