In a Short Conversation with Sexy and Brave Heart Meera Mitun, she told about nepotism in Kollywood. Just like Sushant Rajput Singh, A woman from Tamil Nadu is fighting for her recognition, for her rights as she is being targeted by the nepotistic. Apart from Meera Mitun being mocked, cyber bullied to the core, her own motherland does’nt appreciate the pride she brought to south India. Brightness in her eyes and with a lioness attitude Meera told to our reporter that she has done a lot of hard work to stand in the competitive industry of fashion counting 8 years plus successfully.

“I started with as a run way model for a Saree brand and then I got associated with brands like Kingfisher, got the runner’s up titled in the Miss Face of Chennai 2014, Miss Madras 2015 pageant. I was crowned Miss South India and Miss Tamil Nadu in 2016.” But getting the success was not easy. Today she is one of the topmost supermodel of India , Just in 2020, She has walked for three international brands as showstopper mentioning Australia fashion week, Kingfisher Fashion Week and Lucknow fashion week. Her bold aura was not at all accepted in the South but her talent was kissed by the north and West fashion world always . She did three successful movies and also emerged as a great actor. She told that her success threatened Kollywood, they wanted her to roll out from many  projects but, Meera never stopped and gave her best towards her work.

She is being a strong political activist, emerged herself in various social activities, voicing out for the nation in intricate issues. Her market is high in India that she is facing bombardment from every nook and corner especially in Tamil Nadu. Reason is Unknown just Like Sushant Singh Rajput, But what we know is she is fighting strong for years , an iron lady striving towards milestones, also being successful as a woman entrepreneur past three years conducting beauty pageants to bring many talents to light . Recently she is in Mumbai, signed many movies and all set to begin the fantabulous journey. 

She is 5’10 tall gorgeous Supermodel hails from South but well known in North for her fabulous works in fashion world . When asked about her struggles “I can understand the mental composition of Sushant why he had chosen to end his life which would be an escapism from knife stroking freezing pain every time, when we are not appreciated for who we are. I live with the pain even now, being a celebrity is a challenging task, above it I have more challenges from Tamil Nadu who are trying their best to pull me down in all ways openly. I get depressed but now i learned to live with the pain and i will continue to fight till they accept me as a strong lady. A political power will help me survive my issues, also find the root cause of the same, alleviate everything and everybody who are causing the same to many youth making their survival painful even after proving themselves. 
But My Tamil Nadu fans, I know the Real Support of all of em. For my true TN fans, I will keep doing What i can. The huge support of my fans is keeping me alive!” Signs off emotionally the bold, beautiful & inspiring actress Meera Mitun.