Glammint’s list of 8 Resolutions to follow in 2018!!

Today is the last day of 2017.Most of us are so busy in our day to day life that we dont have time for anything new.Its been a tradition to take new resolutions every year end and not follow them in new year.Reasons may be different for individual but most of us fail to keep up with our new year resolutions.Most of you were so busy this whole time you dont get time or thought of any new year resolution.Don’t worry,Glammint bring to you its list of 8 Hot new year resolutions for 2018.They are economical as well as practical.Choose from the below and we will help you keep them with our articles throughout the year 2018.

So here is the list

1)Learn Yoga

Yoga is not just an excercise routine but its an Art of living.Yoga is entirely differenet level of workout.It stimulates your physical,spiritual as well as mental health.Optimises you body functionality.With yoga gaining popularity worldwide,2018 is your year to learn this art of living.

2)Learn a New Language

The new language can be any foreign language like French,Mandarin,Arabic or it can be native languages like Telugu,Tamil,Malyalam.Learning a new language can be your goal in 2018.Studies have shown that Bi-lingual/Multi-lingual people operate differently and posses mental ability higher than people who speak single language.Learning new language also help people professionally.This will uplift your personality in a positive way.

3)Organic Farming


Organic Farming is going to be the hottest trend in 2018 and is need of the time.You need not buy land and invest heavily for organic farming.You can learn it from books and youtube videos.And start from your home’s backyard or rooftop or balcony.Organic Farming is alternative type of farming for sustainable growth of Veggies and fruits without use of chemical based fertilisers and pesticides.Its good initiative to protect mother should be done by masses.Its High time you join the organic Farming Squad.

Demonstration of Rooftop Organic Farming:

4)Pursue your Passion/Hobby


Many of us are still passionate about our hobbies like singing,dancing,playing a music instrument,writing etc.With time and job or studies we forget what we were passionate about.Take out time in 2018 to revive that love for the thing you were/are passionate about.

5)Learn Cooking


Learning Cooking Can be a survival tool as well as passion.Eating Healthy should be your prime goal in 2018.Goin to a restaurent everyday isn’t the solution to you need to eat healthy.Specially Male readers if you have a partner this is the best way to make her feel special.It induces creativity in individuals.Think about it.

6)Travel More

Life is too short to spend in a cubicle or in a metro city.Traveling is a great way to relax as well as enrich your knowledge.Traveling rejuvenates your soul.Remember when it will be your end time you won’t be remembring the projects you handeled at job and cheer up.It will be your memories from your travel diary.Get up,Plan trips be it solo or with friends and family.Have some meories to feel good about in 2018.

7)Stop Procrastinating


Adopt a habit of not delaying things.Procrastination will ruin your carrer as well as family life.Better you ditch it before everything else ditches you.Optimise your time.Make a time-table follow it.Stop postponing things.Prioritise your things.Fun can wait a bit.Procrastination is the biggest factor in peoples life stopping them from achieving their full potential.Once habitual Its difficult to get out of the trap.Do it Today.Utilise properly your time.

8)Multiple Source of Income


One should not depend on single source of income.With Mnc’s cutting jobs ,rapid industrialisation and inflation its hard to keep up with single source of income.Try Adding new skills to your Qualification,Strat investing in funds,shares and ideas.Work as freelancer,choose a hobby that can help you have an extra source of income.Start a blog,youtube channel,online jobs.Internet can be a boon for you to have extra source of income if you optimise your use of it.


Thats it for now,Good luck with your choice of new year resolution.Wish you all a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance.Have a Happy 2018.

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