Do you slog the whole night before an exam? An all-nighter what we call. Or do you wake up early and get yourself for the day? Either or, neither nor? It’s okay! Don’t have to fit in a box. Let us see how waking up early and being an early bird is a real task but beautiful at the same time?

You will feel that it takes a lot of effort to get up early in the morning. It is no doubt tough but initially. Once you get a hang of it, you will be through. Waking up early sets some prior goals for the individual throughout the day. It is a time which is needed for all of us and we tend to be very active during those hours.


The sleep pattern:

“Early to bed early to rise”. In order to get up one has to make sure that s/he is sleeping well on time. “The study Appalachian State University shows that people who start their day early have healthier levels of fatigue by the end of the day as compared to those who don’t wake up as early — so they get a much better quality of sleep the following night.”


Say bye to mood swings:

So, if you hit the snooze button you are much happier than the ones who didn’t. Accordingly, people who wake up earlier have a better immune system and are active as well as from the one who aren’t.


Metabolism and brain power:

“Early risers have stronger problem-solving skills and are more proactive than those who sleep later. Plus, there is nothing better than catching the sunrise.” Adding on, if you hit exercising after getting up, it will give you a stronger metabolism.

“The intensity of your workout will send your body into excess post-oxygen consumption (EPOC), which means you’ll rev your metabolism and continue to burn calories all day long.”


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