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Home made things are the best to rely on. Is it or is it not? Don’t know that but things are easily accessible and are not to be worried about. Turmeric, cinnamon, milk, honey so on and so forth. These things are pretty much available at our kitchen cabinets. It is just that we need to have an eye for the right thing in order to apply on our skins. Let us see what we can grab from our kitchen drawers to have a healthier skin.

Lemon and honey face pack:

You don’t need anything except honey and lemon. One of the most refreshing pack giving you a minty experience. Apply it for another 20 minutes and look for a brighter skin ahead.

Lemon and honey face pack
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Sandalwood and rosewater:

A must have if you are suffering from oily skin. Sandalwood is nothing but chandan and rosewater is gulaab jal in Hindi. These are easily available too. Apply once a week and you will see that it will help you in de tanning the skin. The odour will leave you with a beautiful aroma around.

Rose Water and Sandalwood
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Tomato pulp:

Tomatoes are used daily. Oily plus tanned skin? Then go for the pulp of the tomato and add a drop of honey. Leave it for 15 minutes on the skin and wash it after 15 minutes.

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Milk and honey:

Again a great means of scrubbing the skin pores. Add some amount of honey in a spoon of milk. Leave to for 10 minutes. Mind that you might struggle with some ‘chip chip’. But eventually, a glowing skin is what you are looking for!

Milk and honey face pack
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The ‘ubtan’:

The oldest and experienced way of clearing the dirt from our skin. Take some flour, add turmeric, honey, rosewater or milk. Mix well. This is a perfect blend of home-made face mask and is tried as well as tested. You will not have any side effects too. Have a wonderful experience by and large.

The Ubtan
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