Chit-Chat with Renowned Designer Sophia Gupta aka Sofi!!

Karan: How you got inclined to be a Fashion Designer?

Sophia: Before stepping in the fashion business, I as a client have visited several designer studios. What I understand as a designer is that a client looks for clothes of their choice, colors and designs. This as a majority has inclined me towards a designer. Knowing the needs of my clients, what they want, how they want, makes a designer with a sustainable and long term clientele.

Karan: You chose a unique name for your Brand!! What is the meaning of the word Soshai?

Sophia: Yes the name is as Unique as our work, Soshai means the beauty and the inner strength of the women. They are the Pillar of success and therefore it terms as Soshai. Our Brand label is Soshai by Sofi. Sofi AKA Sophia!!

Karan: Your designs are more towards Ethnic!! What is WOW Style for you?

Sophia: Western fashion has taken a great space in the wardrobe today. But ethnic collections have its own classic mark. People are now experimenting with their styles using ethnic wear. You’ll see feminine touch, blings, and Sparks in our WOW style collection.

Karan: What is your suggestion for college student who wear western more?

Sophia: College students are more towards western clothing, but ethnic has been taken in consideration with a bit of mix and match. Girls can try fusion by pairing a Kurti with a torn denim and converse which gives them the most fashionable and comfortable everyday college look.

Karan: From Bombay Fashion Week to Pune Fashion Week, then doing shows Collaborating with Brands Like VOGUE and coming with Showstopper; SUNNY LEONE and designing for many Celebrities!! What is next big thing coming soon?

Sophia: The next big thing coming up is Milan Fashion Week and we’re more than excited to be having participating in such a humongous platform. Soshai is the Only Indian Designer amongst all the international designers who are going to showcase at Milan Fashion Week.


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