(A friend to your Pets – Dr Krishna Yadav)

  1. In your veterinary profession, what are your specialized fields?

I have an extensive experience of 4 years in Delhi and Mumbai . I also work in Animal Birth Control (ABC) unit under Noida Authority. I completed my post-graduation from Bombay Veterinary College and my specialized fields are Dermatology, Neurology, Gynecology, General surgery, Nutrition, Gastroenterology.

  • What are the services you provide to your clients other than veterinary?

Other than treatment facilities, we provide Medical boarding, Major and minor surgeries, pet food and accessories, pet grooming .Pet grooming includes hair trimming, nail cutting, ear cleaning etc. We provide two types of bath facilities to pet:  one is normal bath and other one is Medicated bath and these depend on infection type. We also provide pick and drop facility for pets in Noida, Noida extension and greater Noida .We also have diagnostic facilities like blood test and x-ray.

  • What are the major issues you treat in pets during monsoon?

The major issues I treat in pets are Skin infections. It mostly affects dogs in monsoon season because they spend their majority time in outside environment like grass or garden.

Tick and flea infestation are also seen in rainy season, it is called flea allergy dermatitis (dogs and cats bite and scratch their skin and lose their hair). Only few fleas for this allergy can create problems.

  • What are the effective ways to keep a pet healthy during monsoon?

Some preventive measures should be taken like:-

Don’t bath your pets frequently in monsoon season.

Always try to clean your pets when they come from outside

Use tick spray and spot on to avoid tick infection

To prevent your dog from dandruff and bacterial infection, use antibacterial shampoo or take advice from veterinarian

  • What to feed and not to feed Dogs?

I am sharing the chart which is prepared for better understanding:

  • How to become a better friend to a dog/cat ?

Start nursing and training your pet from day 1 when u bring him/her at your home

Always show your love and affection to your pets

Never show aggressive behavior towards your pets

Always advice your children to never tease your pets

Give treats as rewards to your pets

Make your home pet friendly by creating a dedicated pet area, removing dangerous items and hazards from inside and around the home.

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