Mesmerizing Bharatanatyam Dance Performance by Vrinda Malhotra – Glam Mint

Thirteen years old Vrinda presented her first solo Bharatanatyam performance ARANGETRAM at the jam-packed C D Deshmukh Audiorium at India International Centre, New Delhi on 3rd November 2019.  ‘Aranga’ or Stage and ‘Etram’ means Ascension,  Arangetram literally means ascending the stage. The confidence of this young dancer during her first solo performance was incredible, captivating the audience with her ‘Abhinaya’ and ‘Bhava’.  Vrinda received standing ovation many times during her performance.

Dr. Shovana Narayan, Padma Shri , Kathak Guru, SNA Awardee graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and Dr. R. Bijlani, Seeker, Sri Aurobindo Ashram was the Guest of Honour.

On this auspicious occasion of her debut onstage solo performance, Vrinda Malhotra, Disciple of Guru Indira Murugesan, presented her art with great devotion at the feet of her Guru and the Divine Dancer Lord Nataraja, seeking their blessings.

Vrinda is a granddaughter of Shri Bansi Dhameja a renowned writer and daughter of Pooja Dhameja & Vishal Malhotra.