When should one visit sexologist?

Only a few years back, it was very uncomfortable for people even to talk about their sex lives, going to a sexologist is a very far topic to talk about. But now society is getting a bit modern and hence liberal about such issues. Stressful lifestyle, competitive work environment, family responsibility can actually destroy the capability to enjoy intimacy to a large extent. So, its very natural to visit a sexologist to solve this problem, and many of them have said that patients with sexual problems actually develop low self-esteem.

You are not alone in this, almost everybody is facing problems in their sex life. According to so many videos that we see, all we understand that sex is hot, easy and full of pleasure, but in actual sense, it demands work and proper communication. Enjoying a healthy relationship with your partner emotionally and sexually really gives a very big impact on your life. In an event of gaps in your sexual relationship, a lot of other aspects starts to dwindle.

But before going to a sexologist, the following points will help you to identify whether you need to visit one or not.

·      Penis size

·      Erectile dysfunction

·      Pin and discomfort during and after intercourse

·      You both are often not in a mood for it

·      Your orgasms are evasive.

·      Sexual desire is all that’s on your mind.

·      You prefer doing it alone

·      Your body doesn’t cooperate during intercourse

·      You are thinking about your sexual identity.

·      You both enjoy different tunes.

·      You have a low sex drive.

·  You experience intense sexual urges/behaviors /fantasies that involve unusual objects, activities or situations

·      You have physiological issues

·      You are obsessed with sex

·      You feel guilty about having sex

·      You are unable to achieve an orgasm

·      You are confused about your sexual orientation

·      You are not able to do it despite the desire

·      Men with premature ejaculation

·      Delayed ejaculation

·      Technique problems

·      Learning to enjoy oral sex

·      Boring sex lives

·      Not attracted to their partner 

·      Can’t get aroused

·      Can’t tell your partner to brush his teeth,

·      Inhibitions of all sorts

·      Fetishes

·      You are unsatisfied with your performance in bed

·      Sudden loss of libido

After knowing all these reasons, you can now decide if you really need a sexologist or not. A sexologist will be dealing with your issues in a relationship in accordance with your surrounding and intimacy and will provide a guided self-help personal intervention so that you can achieve the best in your relationship. This will also help you to eliminate any chance of having sex related health issues. They will go into the roots of your problem, as many couples are not able to talk about intimate issues with each other which causes disappointment, anger, hurt, resentment, accusations, inhibition and several different types of fights. So, if you are actually facing any of the points above mentioned, you can seek help for it. There is nothing to be ashamed about, its all a natural process, and sexologist will actually make your relationship stronger and healthy.