What’s UP With “MTVUp”: The Triggering Beverage

Merry are the moments when we hear women conquering the streets. We are still waiting for that time when women can freely move on roads at their will and stop being victims of patriarchy system. Women are leaving no stone unturned to explore and abide by their choices to be independent. Something similar could be seen on streets of Delhi recently on 18th august 2018. Women set the roads on fire! The event was organised by none than MTVUp.

The sole reason was not only to promote the brand, but also to feel the zeal and enthusiasm that is behind every sip of the drink. The organisers Nitish Khattar and Vedant Johar   talked about the correlation between riding a bike and the energy drink. According to them, the energy drink pumps up the levels of all our neurotransmitters, which thereby charges and gives extra boost to girls riding throughout the day.

The women bikers rally started at 11:00 AM covering the streets of New Delhi and introducing the city about the energies, we carry within ourselves. From Saket to India Gate, focussing majorly the areas of south Delhi, the women bikers were all decked up to ride their passions.

This energy drink gave bikers a smooth restart when they needed a halt to rejuvenate themselves. The drink helped them to stay focussed for a longer period.

The idea behind the bike rally was to introduce MTVUp to the population and to make them familiar with the new energy product. We all consume caffeinated products, energy drinks like Red Bull etc. This one is something new, processed in a way that people would feel the change when consumed. One will not feel the need to stop just because of lack of energy.
Now we have something which is delectable and invigorating.
Pull up the socks and give yourself a shock!