When They Achieve Million Dollar Business By Following My Guidance

An Interview with new Age  therapist/ A Material Yogi

In the humdrum of life today, we generally do not find a happy and successful person who is like water; gels in a crowd and still stands apart. We have seen celebrities’ wit but all that appears either to be fake, scripted or too farfetched. Bringing out to the fore today a personality who is completely comfortable in any shoes, is confident, witty, successful, soulful, happy, enthusiastic and has substance. Her zest and fervour reinforces that it is a virtue to be happy. She is Dr Monica Nagpal Agnihotri who calls herself a ‘material yogi’/ ‘funny lama’ / ‘spirit with a body’ etc. People around her know her as a sensitive and unconditionally loving. Here are some excerpts from our interview with this versatile personality who gets a new celebratory title added to her every now and then.

Interviewer: How do you smile and stay happy constantly? You are happy because you have accomplished so much; it is not possible for everyone?

Dr. Monica: I smile because I have the ability to do it. It has got nothing to do with my accomplishments.  I smile because I can. Why would I lose it.

Interviewer: You have mentored, guided and healed millions of people in last fifteen years. This level of Success doesn’t matter to you?

Dr. Monica: What is Success? Yours and mine definition are probably different. My role is and has been only to show them what to, how to, when to and make them aware of the don’t if they want to know. When they achieve million -dollar business by following my guidance, it is their success.  If I attach myself to the outcome so much, my performance may get affected not in a good way. I am just a MIRROR who shows the truth to people who wish to see and move ahead in life. We all are lot more than this BODY. One’s mind is more powerful than this body. The mind actually governs how this body is going to behave. Thus, managing one’s THOUGHTS sounds like a big deal and can be boring if you don’t pick the right technique.

Interviewer: So that’s what your technique is all about?  Could you tell us a little about that and who all can benefit from it?

Dr. Monica: Sure. It’s called HARMONIC LIFE THERAPY. As the name indicates it is about bringing harmony in life in a therapeutic way. It caters to all needs; physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual. It is a progressive idea and an evolving process and not a fixed idea.

Interviewer: You are a Godman or rather a GodWoman?

Dr. Monica: No. I was clear from the beginning that I do not want to become a preacher or a god woman in a certain kind of clothes or a routine. I wanted to live and enjoy with my choices, preferences and FREEDOM. You achieve genuine Freedom when you are truly empowered, and Harmonic Life Therapy is all about your empowerment. We have modules for everyone. People from all walks of life have been benefitted by Harmonic Life Therapy ranging from wannapreneurs to entrepreneurs or any professional and non-professionals like home makers, students etc. I am known for making learning joyous and my idea is to popularize the coolness quotient of spirituality and making material success a handy thing. Therefore, I chose the corporate kind of setting so that my body doesn’t miss the material bounty. Apart from being an entrepreneur, I am doing something worthwhile as my spirit is happily evolving. Material benefits are the side effects of keeping your body, mind & spirit aligned. I wish the same for everyone who wants to add the value, enhance their potential and become torch bearers of successful creed of business tycoons and visionaries. Through our ‘Train the Trainers’ program we offer to train more people so that we have good line of trainers too.

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