Benefits of Sleeping Naked

We all put on clothes and sleep. Have we ever given a thought to how sleeping naked can help our skin breathe if we take off our clothes. Let us see how can putting off clothes help our own body?

Sleep Better

“Researchers at the University of Amsterdam found that lowering your skin temperature increases the depth of your sleep and reduces the number of times you wake up in the night. Stripping down to your birthday suit is a great way to lower your skin temperature without changing the temperature of the room”.

Reduces Stress

It helps us to relax and have a composed sleep. A deep sleep is required and prolonged stress is bad for everyone. Hence, sleeping naked adds on to a calm and easy sleep and can prevent one from taking sleeping pills too.

Skin Breathes Too

Yes it is very important to know that our skin needs oxygen as well. Most of the time we are wearing clothes which hampers the growth of our skin and it cannot breathe properly. In order to increase the airflow one can allow themselves to sleep naked.

Improves sex life

Studies show that skin to skin contact can help in generating a bond with partners. This is because of the release of oxytoc in which is responsible for triggering arousal and also help in developing trust with the partner.

Image Source: Google