Move Your Body: The Fat On The Face #Doublechin

Oh that fat on my face is quite evident! Is it because of the beer I am consuming? Am I eating too much? Has cardio been off track? Did I just permit junk food to enter my health routine? Am I disturbed? Sleep patter different? Am I being obese? What about my body mass index? Breathe people breathe! Are you worried about the fat that you is now very much visible through photographs? And is it making you tensed? Are the thoughts to get fit recurring? So let us see how can these quick exercises can make us rid of the fat that we have around our face!

Make an ‘O’

While sitting at work place, making yourself tea, reading a book you can simply make an o out of your face. This stretch will while looking up should be held for around 20 seconds and be repeated 7 to 10 times.Feel the contraction from both the sides of your mouth.

Chin up and kiss

Look above at the ceiling and give it a kiss. You should extend this for 10 seconds to feel the tightness around your chin. Relax and repeat it the next time. Continue the process for about 5 times.

Pout and tilt

“From a sitting or standing position, stick out your lower lip as far as you can to form a pout (place a finger on your chin; the skin should feel wrinkly and puckered). Hold this contraction for second. Then, with your lip still out, contract the muscles at the front of your neck to lower your chin to your chest as far as possible without rounding your upper back.” (Livestrong, 2018)

Neck stretch

Stretching your neck sideways will tighten the muscle and help in releasing the excessive fat which is embedded within the face muscles. This is a simple exercise which can be done for a minute at least.

Head Lifts

This is very effective and important as well. If you want quick results, try lying in a position where you can lift your head by putting the chin upside. Hold it for 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat it 7/8 times for quick results.

Image Source: Google