Anju Handa An entrepreneur, social achiever, and an author of “Journey from can I to I Can”

Mrs Anju Handa is the  CEO and Director of GREENS a consultancy and event management company established in 1999. She is B.SC and M.A. in English from the most prestigious “ Baring Union Christian College “ in Punjab. She started her career as teacher in Bangalore. After her marriage in Delhi she ventured in various professions like Hobby Classes, Cooking Classes, Soft Toys making but finally she got an opportunity to show her talent for a chain of Pre-schools without a relevant degree in NTT or B.Ed. Her knowledge and vision coupled with dedication and hard work bestowed laurels with recognitions and rewards. During the tenure of three years in school she was promoted to many responsible positions. she proved her capability at every step and finally became the marketing head leading a team of ten people. With her proven record of work she got the best marketing manager award for her work. Her determination and desire to achieve much more led her to leave the job and start her own Pre school consultancy company by the name of GREENS. She has full expertise in imparting complete know-how to pre schools whether it is designing infrastructure, planning curriculum with activities, teacher’s training, orientation for parents and every other necessary requisite for running the school with success. She was instrumental in initiating the concept of Marketing and pioneering with the idea of promotional events in Pre schools. With her intellectual capabilities, vast vision and innovative mind she has been instrumental in establishing number of pre schools in and outside Delhi. She is also running a event company which organises events for school as well other organisations of repute. She is a self motiviated person with a clear vision to excel with perfection in every assignment she has undertaken. With her creativity and potential of innovative ideas she has developed an activity oriented
curriculum for pre school.

Her curriculum envisage the needs of a preschooler and ample of scope for fun filled activities. She believes that children
learn best through play. The curriculum is designed for children to learn while they are playing, having fun, enjoying with activities which also help in their growth and all round development. Mrs Handa believes that children are like clay and can be moulded into any desired shape by providing conducive and stimulating environment.
With her vast experience and vision she has developed an orientation program by the name of “Mihu- May I Help You” for
the parents, teachers, children and house wives. Her sessions are equipped with useful techniques which have ample of
scope for the teacher to understand and conceptualize interesting methods of imparting quality education to our future
generation. Her parenting sessions help parents deal with their kids effectively and provide them right parenting. A perfectionist, full
of energy she is a lady on a mission to equip parents with the right tool of child up bringing. Strengthen your relation with the child.
According to her there is no definite rule for nurturing the children but a few positive tips to be followed to become an intelligent parent. Her work is her passion and so is her profession. She got social achiever award by Green earth foundation an NGO working for the environment and girl child. Also got most prestigious social achiever award at the institution of Dr.Sarojini Naidu national award for women achiever. Got social activist award by social umbrella connecting humanity for the outstandingcontribution to support the society. She is also associated and dedicated to provide humanitarian support to a number of social organisations. She has started an initiative called Touching Lives through which she helps the old living in old age homes.

She has adopted an old age home in Rewari and along with one of her client and best friend Nirmala Rao she helps the
inmates there with their basic day to day needs, also she is associated with Earth Saviour an NGO run by Mr. Ravi Kalra
and supports them occassionally for any of their needs. To generate funds for this she runs a Shopping bag group where she
sells few products and earnings from those go for her humanitarian work. She believes in generating her own funds to promote her
cause than asking for donations. She does her share by understanding the needs of the Old (Senior Citizens) mingling with them and doing something significant to make their lives more jubilant. She also volunteers for the betterment of the underprivileged childrenand to care for the old. Her main focus is to spread joy and love among them. Her contribution in the form of organising recreational events, counselling, teaching, celebrating festivals and their birthday’s etc gives her
tremendous satisfaction and happiness.

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