A triumphant journey of designer Kingshuk Bhaduri

Triumphant Journey of Designer Kingshuk Bhaduri


Aren’t we interested in buying designer clothes for our relative’s marriages? Or for that matter our own marriage! We would
like to have a designer piece. Looking for stylish, embellishing, stunning and something different becomes our motto in finding the desired dress. From sangeet to cocktail or any occasion we all look for something of our own choice and trendy. This fashion industry has something for all and we shouldn’t forget to obviously look at the work done by designers behind it. They slog day and night for a piece to be ready as per the customer. Kingshuk Bhaduri stepped in this industry and began his journey with all passion as well as commitment. Though he is from a small town yet has left a marking impact with his unique styles on everyone.
According to him, fashion is something which comforts a person, keeping in mind about the up-coming styles and trending changes. Starting from scratch, the journey has not been an easy one. Conducting his own fashion show and making it a big hit gave him a spark and scope for achieving more and that made him make a place in this big industry. Kingshuk has been a part of various fashion shows and an instance of such a grand show was organised by Dr Rahul Mahajan namely, FASHIVIOFASHIONWEEK. Kiran Sukhani, Saurabh Sharma and Rahmi Arora were some great showstoppers carrying outfits
designed by Kingshuk. He has also been honoured by FFI India, in a grand show held at Taj, Agra. While in conversation with
him, it has been sensed that Kingkshuk likes to mix n match things and create something which is wearable by all in a decent way. He likes the touch of indo western in his pieces. Since pastel colours are in these days and we say brides, actors preferring a subtle
way of carrying themselves therefore Kingshuk makes sure that something which is light and not that gaudy. Any garment
which is light weighted with good colours can be worn by everyone not only once but also utilised more than once giving a rich

Every individual has some or the other different stories in their lives which drive their passion and motivate towards
a successful career. Belonging to a small town, he didn’t have much avenues to explore but he was driven much
and therefore a sparkling career with doors open to pristine path on his way. As a struggling designer in a competent market where the battle to be at top is important than any other thing, he has been conscientious always. He had his own boutique ‘kamakhya’. He has been a big follower of Manish Malhotra and admiring him strengthens his own creativity giving him the chance to enhance his personal styles and designs. Personally, this designer’s success mantra has been patience. “Patience is the key”, says Kingshuk. Aggression takes you nowhere. Staying calm and not wasting time, winding up things as quickly as possible and be ready to other
challenges for the next day. Since “I am sentimental in nature, hence relationships are imperative and in order to keep them intact one must balance their emotions and stay practical at the same time”. With his helping nature, his models also support him thus he is where he is and what he is because of his hard work as well as compassion towards everything. Accepting critics and flaws is not easy. Kingshuk’s journey has been tough but as he says “work should be fun” and one should enjoy, with this we all look forward
for him to be a star aspired by many young adults who would want to pursue their careers in this field. There is something to be learnt from everyone.

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By: Shubhangi Shukla