Chef Rehman

Chef Rehman A Renowned Celebrity

Indian food has always been extravagant and spell-bounded  in all possible paraphermalias. The history of Indian Cuisines is a benchmark in its own image, but this importance some where down the line seems to fade away with the complexities of modern cuisines & western cooking styles. But along with all its pros & cons, Indian Food has always been holding its predominance Chef Rehman, a renowned Celebrity Master Chef from Lucknow belonging to the family of Khansamas of Awadh who works on all royal cuisines of India. Chef is well-known for his consultancy on the royal cuisines, conducting food festivals which also is the demand of many top restaurants to provide a new experience to their guest. Maintaining the significance of Traditional Cuisines should be an essential synopsis.

“Its always a good practice to find new ways of expanding our horizons, and so have we not only been proactive in our existing works but we have also come up with a new element which is The Royal Weddings, where in we put or best efforts to present the most authentic dishes of the cuisines specially the ones from Awadhi, rampuri, Kashmiri, North Western and Persian Cuisines, one such great event of ours was The Royal Wedding of Hyderabad’s Nawab” Hyderabads top news this new year was the wedding of Nawab Alam Khan’s grandson with the daughter of famous politician Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi. As all know Nawab Alam Khan  amily has a great culinary history.

Nawab Mehboob Alam, (Son of Nawab Shah Alam Khan) is considered as an Indian food connoisseur He has restored many lost recipes of the Hyderabadi tradition. Being a culinary expert of Hyderabad, the choice of menu for the wedding was an obvious apt selection. The Royal occurrence was graced with an ultimate fare for food, with Chef Rehman serving the authenthic Persian & Awadhi delicacies in their royal buffet.

Some of which included, Kuresh Khalal Badam Img, Kuresh Zeeresh Quorma Img,  Zeeresh Polo Img,  Kebab Platter Img

“It’s being a grand assemble of around 40,000 guest, presenting authentic delicacies to the VVIP section of the royal buffet was a total blissful experience, and we have been quite appreciated now and we look forward to come up with the concept of presenting the ultimate jewel of our cuisines and foster the royal courts of Indian Food in future aswell”, Narrates Chef Rehman. His vision of delivering the original and authentic flavor of a specific categorized cuisine, for which he have the original Master Chefs from the specified place itself. . He proudly distinct himself for serving Muslim Vegetarian Food. To be called as the only in India to have fluent command on Muslim vegetarian food, which marks his reach as an icon in many high-end Marwari, vegetarian and Jain weddings and events Services: Restaurant Management, Menu Designing, Staff Training, Workshops for Leading Hospitality Institutes, Food Festivals, Destination Weddings, ODC, Theme Parties, Lavish Weddings and many more. Apart from being a Chef Rehman Mujeebur is also a restaurateur. Founder of the Awadhi restaurant in Lucknow, Afreen- Dine and Delivery.