Siren of Style

MAP Studios’ unleashes “Siren of Style”

Masood Ahmed, founding Director of MAP Studios a well known photography setup, is all upbeat about it’s upcoming event titled “Red Carpet” at TGIP mall on 26th April. The first of it’s kind initiative is set to bring about an unprecedented bond between the spirited sports community and fascinating world of fashion. THE RED CARPET is not just an event. It marks a beginning of world of opportunities for people engaged in fitness and sports to connect better with their personal self and fall in love with beautiful themselves.. so far the missing piece of their lives.
The added glamor is reassuring and bound to transcend motivation levels never witnessed before among the beneficiaries.
The initiative first of its kind is set to motivate even more people to take the fitness plunge. In couple of years MAP studios has leapfrogged into a very admirable and authoritative position in the industry and deservingly so. The insatiable fire in the belly, enterprising mind with a touch of innovation and panache will pace up MAP studio’s ‘The Red Carpet journey to summit of success.

“Red Carpet” is the much needed platform to promote healthy style and charismatic charm of glamour will add to the stimulus.

Bollywood diva Ms. Shazahn Padasmee, Mr. Kunal Sawhney VP – Carnival Cinemas , Mr. Karan Makhijani Founder Glam Mint , Ms. Sunita Godhara Asian Marathon Champion, RJ Naved, Mr. Surjit Director DD Sports, Garima Marketing Head North India, India’s blade runner are among the well known dignitaries from glam and sports world to grace the event.