PREDICTIONS FOR OCTOBER 2019- By Dr Jyoti Jhangiani

Capricorn :
Health – Pay attention to your health as over stress and worries could spoil your physical as well as mental health.
Relationship – Romance would be passionate. Let go off your ego so that relations be stable.
Career – Would progress. Stability, security, promotion and increment is indicated.
Finance – You might get distracted with too many opportunities at a time. Play safely !
Tarot message – A family trip is indicated.
Lucky colors – Red, Golden
Lucky Nos – 1, 4

Aquarius :
Health – Would be stable. Reports shall be positive and pregnancy could be indicated.
Relationship – After hardships, you look forward to a better future with your positive attitude. Don’t give up.
Career – Changes are indicated as there would be end of one bad phase & beginning of new & better phase.
Finance – Finances would be stable. Right time for investments and gains but at the same time do focus on your savings.
Tarot message – Let go off your ego.
Lucky colors – Offwhite, Yellow, Crimson
Lucky Nos – 2, 4, 9

Pisces :
Health – Your positive energies can release you from your health issues, past difficulties and tensions. Meditation is a must.
Relationship – Try not to run away from the situations rather face them boldly to avoid scandals in future.
Career – Use intelligence and knowledge to your advantage and make rapid progress at work.
Finance – Have patience and don’t be overconfident while taking financial decisions. Not right time for the new investments.
Tarot message – New opportunities are on your way, so utilize your positive energies to the best.
Lucky colors – Red, Mauve, Black
Lucky Nos – 1, 3, 8

Aries :
Health – Pay attention as mental worries could upset you and spoil your health. Meditate and exercise well.
Relationship – Handle your relations carefully as there are chances of an extra-marital affair which may side track you a bit.
Career – Struggle is indicated and you need to face some challenges with courage and enthusiasm. Maintain your positive attitude and
believe in yourself.
Finance – Good time to invest in property, shares, policies or into a business partnership.
Tarot message – Travel is on the cards.
Lucky colors – Cream, Grey
Lucky Nos – 2, 7

Taurus :
Health – End of sufferings and beginning of recovery is indicated. Love and care from closed ones would be helpful.
Relationship – Love is in the air. Let go off your ego so that relations be stable.
Career – Your creative skills and hard work would be appreciated and recognized. Just don’t get over occupied.
Finance – Be careful as cheat or betrayal is indicated in finances.
Tarot message – An outing with your loved ones is indicated.
Lucky colors – Golden, Silver, Peach
Lucky Nos – 1, 2, 9

Gemini :
Health – You may suffer due to over stress. Avoid working till late. Yoga or meditation would be helpful.
Relationship - There could be some insecurity and you could be unsure and even question the integrity of your relationship.
Career – You might face two opposing forces creating imbalance in your career. Just utilize your positive energies to think in the right
Finance – Unexpected bad news is indicated with regards to bad debts, loses or theft. Be careful with money.
Tarot message – Face the challenging situations in a positive way and the reward would come for persistence and efforts.
Lucky colors – Blue, Green, Brown
Lucky Nos – 6, 7, 8

Cancer :
Health – Complete bed rest would be required for physical stress and for mental stress meditation or yoga would be of great help.
Relationship – May find hard time to choose your right partner as you might get stuck in your fantasies. Take your time but don’t take
hasty decisions.
Career – Change of job or work place is indicated. Good news is expected for those who have applied for work in abroad.
Finance - You need to struggle hard. Utilize your positive skills and results shall be in your favour.
Tarot message – New business opportunities are indicated. Handle them carefully.
Lucky colors – Golden, Orange
Lucky Nos – 4, 9

Leo :
Health – Would be stable. Release your positive energies in right direction and stay happy.
Relationship – Cheat and separation is indicated. Have patience and don’t take hasty decisions.
Career – New opportunities with regards to job, business projects and new ventures are indicated.
Finance – New financial opportunities are indicated. Right time for new ventures, investments, gains etc.
Tarot message – Travel would be successful.
Lucky colors – Pink, Yellow, Grey
Lucky Nos – 1, 6, 7

Virgo :
Health – Proper rest, balanced diet, exercise and good sleep is a must to stabilize your health.
Relationship – Be careful as cheat, betrayal and separation is indicated in relationship.
Career – Use your moral strength, courage and power of conviction as your energy to face challenging situations.
Finance – New financial opportunities are indicated from your near and dear ones.
Tarot msg – You may need to seek advice from a lawyer or solicitor with regards to a specific problem.
Lucky colors – Green, Black
Lucky Nos – 5, 8

Libra :
Health – Would improve. You need to believe in yourself to overcome all your negative energies. Exercise well.
Relationship - Romance may go through a rocky patch. Fear, doubt, isolation and insecurity will create negativity in your relationship.
Handle it tactfully.
Career – Stability, security, promotion and an increment is indicated.
Finance – With your hard work utilize your positive skills and results shall be in your favour.
Tarot message – Don’t try to run away from situations. Face them boldly.
Lucky colors – Purple, Orange
Lucky Nos – 3, 9

Scorpio :
Health – Do not ignore minor health issues which may turn into major problems. Some elderly person in your home needs proper attention.
Relationship – Would be stable. Reunion is indicated followed by marriage.
Career – Your helping hand wins applause and you feel good about yourself.
Finance – Would be stable. Good time for investments, partnerships and gains.
Tarot message – Have patience and wait for the right move.
Lucky colors – Red, White, Blue
Lucky Nos – 1, 2, 6

Sagittarius :
Health – Drastic improvement is indicated. Change of weather will be of great help but do not ignore your health while travelling.
Relationship – Learn from your past mistakes and look forward to a better future with your positive attitude.
Career – Would be stable. Good business partnership is indicated and there would be growth in it.
Finance – Would be stable. Time for investments and gains.
Tarot message – There is felicitation all around and you are the toast of the moment.
Lucky colors – Yellow, Pink
Lucky Nos – 1, 6