“Silence is Violence” says Meera Mitun, The Bold Supermodel and an Inspiring Kollywood Actress.

For decades, modeling was a silent profession in South India, where women were seen but pretty less in Fashion Arena. Then in the mid 2000 there entered a charming lady named Meera Mitun who went on to change the face of Fashion outlook in South of India and in particular to Tamil Nadu.

She went on to win the coveted Miss South India and Miss Tamil Nadu title also, with all the blend of Bold, Beautiful & Brain. Also made sure after her, every year the crown goes to a Tamils, groomed every single woman, led them to the tunnel of light ,won the challenge and created many crowns to Tamil Nadu. She felt pride in creating many successful Tamil models and now she owns a pride beauty pageant for her very own state “Miss Tamil Nadu Diva” also emerging as a fierce entrepreneur in fashion world.

“It isn’t about showing people how to look like you. Being a role model is about using your freedom to show other people it’s safe to be themselves” says Meera, the latest hot Sensational woman of Tamil’s Bigboss Season 3.

Meera shared the Mantra for girls who look up to her. “Silence is violence. Models who decide not to speak up are participating in that same system of oppression that’s harming other people, and just because it doesn’t affect you directly, or you benefit from the privileges of it, doesn’t mean that you get a pass to remain silent on those issues.

On secret to success she said “It’s one thing when they ask you to change your body and you don’t feel good about your body. It’s when you are trapped and demotivated. Don’t get into it, rather feel good about your body and then if someone tells you that you shouldn’t, it’s a whole different story. (Laughs)
Her story is inspirational for women from every walks of life. Meera has done a lot of hard work to stand in the competitive industry. She started with small project as a Run way model of a Saaree brand and then she got associated with brands like Kingfisher, got the runner’s up titled in the Miss Face of Chennai 2014, Miss Madras 2015 pageant. She was crowned Miss South India and Miss Tamil Nadu in 2016. But getting the success was not easy. Her bold aura was not at all accepted in the South but her talent was kissed by the north fashion world always . She did three successful movies and also emerged as a great actor , her success threatened Kollywood , they wanted her to roll out from many projects but, Meera never stopped and gave her best towards her work. Recently she is in Mumbai, signed many movies and all set to begin the fantabulous journey.