Lovely Ladies Meeting at “Saree Sanskriti” by SALMA SULTAN

Amazing bespoke experience in the true sense for everyone who attended the event at “Saree Sanskriti by SALMA SULTAN”.

Lovely ladies meeting and talking about the amazing event and the new collection of designer sarees by Salma ji. She met everyone and thanked them personally for gracing the event.

She Warmly thanked luxury consultant, Madhavi Advani the brand ambassador for Saree Sanskriti. The Event had a lovely mix of ladies from different walks of life turning up from the distinguished Shovana Narain to the glamorous lovely Delhi darlings Manya, Sona , Rashmi and many others.

It was a successful event and well curated. Everything taken care to fine detailing. A day high on glamour when all beauties of Delhi came together.