You can earn huge, being a memer?

It is common that you must have heard about ‘Meme’. We see it daily, scrolling through social media, Instagram, Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. A meme is any text, image or video which comes through different ideas and it is typically humorous in nature. While Most of us will count that in as- “Something that makes us laugh while going through our endlessly depressing lives”.

But have you ever thought who makes them, where does the idea of a meme comes from?
It’s the “’Third eye guy”. That’s what a “memer” is.
Have you ever took time to notice things and people in your daily lives? While taking an uber or travelling in a metro, instead of cutting off from the world and being hooked up to your headphones took time to grasp from the world, for what it has to offer you.
Being creative is not hard as it seems, walking down the side ways and noticing Children playing cricket with ‘Gulli Danda’ instead of using a bat and a ball, a Shahrukh’s party anthem with an audio of Arijits ‘Pachtaoge’. The touch of witty sarcasm on the obvious issues that are dealt with much less of sense. Seeing between the lines is all what a memer do. Have you ever noticed your self being, the life of a get together with your friends, do you think, you have the comedian in you who’s just shy enough to take the standup, well-well-well, there’s a platform for you, that is what a memer is.

Turn your jokes into a text, a video, an image and with the help of social media, yes, the platform ready for you. It’s a new world, you don’t have to be an actor, a singer, a dancer. Having a sense of humor is another kind of gem. Many people who left their 9 to 5 job are emerging as a content creator on social media.

Social media celebs like Akshar Pathak and Pranav Sapera has made their names in the market and even got the blue tick on Instagram, who initially worked in zomato creative team.
The Naveen Kukreja is another content creator who have grabbed a lot of following for his lust for ‘Chai and Tamasha’.
Some other meme pages like ‘9Gag’ and ‘CYnide and happiness’ also create content while having their personal space through not revealing their real identity.
Making people laugh, out of all the hours they spend dealing with the saddening issues, is really a self-fulfilling. If making people smile is your ‘kick’ then be the Salman Bhai of your life and give it, its a blockbuster.