Yoga moves that help in orgasm better

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Cat/ cow flow:

This posture helps in strengthening the Kegel Muscles which contract during the time of orgasm. The stronger the Kegels, better the orgasm as the posture helps in controlling the tail bone from cat to the position of a cow.

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Bound angle pose:

The stretch of the inner thighs is good for motion and bowel movements. This is a great posture for increasing the libido and also helps in reducing anxiety with exposing the person towards natural intimacy.

It also helps regulating the blood flow to the pelvic area which are directly linked to arousals.

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Pigeon Pose:

This kind of pose ensures relief from a scattered mind and helps the individual getting back to the current state of mind. The focus is to release tension from hip, focussing on breaths and creating a sense of sexual interaction with the partner.

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Eagle pose:

Looks difficult to do but is the most helpful posture in increasing the erotic urges. One has to hold on to the pose which involves strength and concentration to maintain the posture.

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Downward dog:

With the butt in an upward position, this pose relaxes the muscle and boosts confidence. With easing the muscle, the posture also improves the flexibility of a body.