Kabir Singh

KABIR SINGH is about Manic, Relentless & Rackless Love…

KABIR SINGH is about manic, relentless and reckless love and the experience of viewing the film is exactly the same! It’s relentless in its narrative leaves you reckless in emotion and you find yourself manically rooting for Kabir’s unabashed love for Preeti! This modern Ode to Devdas leaves you spellbound! It also makes you stand up and applaud the genius of Shahid Kapoor’s portrayal of KABIR SINGH! He lives and breathes the character with insanity and uninhibitedness! It almost seems like he has pulled every bit of himself to portray the part! Brilliant!
In his turn as the obsessive crazy lover, Kapoor reminds us of what a fine actor he has turned out to be. Kamini Kaushal, Suresh Oberoi, Arjan Bajwa and Soham Majumdar (as his friend Shiva) make for a great supporting cast to Shahid and help immensely in adding the emotional heft required for this film. Kiara Advani as Preeti does well in a role that is a foil to the turbulent Kabir. (She looks a lot like Esha Deol). Preeti is as submissive, as Kabir is volatile and it works in favour of the story. Arjun Kapoor bowed out of the role which was offered to him, but Shahid Kapoor accepted with glee. This Telugu remake of hit film Arjun Reddy is surely going to hit the jackpot. Some dialogues spoken in English are really praiseworthy. Background score is top class. So are the songs of the movie. Aur Kuch Nahin bataonga. Audacious and unabashed Sex and sexual content, abuses of all kinds in English and Hindi and Sankara just not in the dictionary are the norms of this film.
Not recommend for children. Not also seniors. The action movie is made for the young ppl. School and college kids. Lovers of all colours. Girls were just screaming at the dialogues for fun.
WATCH at your own risk is my statuary warning. Stars 3.5 out of 5. Should do 150 crore business.